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Respiratory Care Management

At Port Chester Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, our team of physicians, nurses and respiratory therapy consultants is highly skilled and experienced in the care and management of respiratory illness. Medication nebulization is appropriately administered in conjunction with other ordered treatments such as chest physiotherapy and breathing exercises to promote improved oxygenation of arterial blood.

Port Chester Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre also utilizes protocols to wean patients from oxygen by monitoring blood oxygen saturations and decreasing oxygen flows as tolerated. We accept patients with tracheostomy tubes in place, and immediately develop a plan to begin the process of tracheostomy tube decannulation. Our speech pathologist assesses each patient with a tracheostomy upon admission to initiate the use of a Passy-Muir Valve so our patient can begin speech communication as quickly as possible. Our team works closely with patients with tracheostomy tubes so they can also begin the process of eating foods even while tracheostomy weaning is occurring.